Five more years for Wingti


Paias Wingti has retained his seat and governorship of Western Highlands for another five years.
Former prime minister Wingti polled 148,428 votes ahead of runner-up Wai Rapa, who was on 111,943 when declaration was made on Friday at the Kimininga counting centre after the 19th exclusion.
Prof John Nonggor, was third with 79,559 votes.
Wingti assured the people that he would continue to maintain his leadership and work with MPs in the province to deliver  government services.
He said that his leadership will mainly to get rid of corruption and ensure basic services are reaching the people. Wingti told counting officials and security personnel that would continue with his visions and plans for the province.
“Now that you are having your trust in me, I will make sure that you will enjoy your life,” he said.
“You need to see the real meaning of life and my vision is to make sure people enjoy the benefits.”

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