Flood leaves dozens homeless

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RECENT continuous rain in Morobe has caused floods which swept away homes and damaged roads in certain areas of Huon Gulf and Bulolo districts.
Morobe disaster and emergency coordinator Charlie Masange confirmed that at Gabensis village in Huon Gulf 12 houses were swept away in a flood last month.
Gabensis village community leader Ben Johnson said about 500 people were homeless and were seeking refuge in classrooms of the village’s primary school.
“We will give them a week to do assessments and will assist those ones that were affected and need food supplies,” Masange said.
More than 300 people from Munum and Nasuapum villages lost their food gardens in the floods.
Paul Philip, of Mapozing, said  all their beddings and clothes were washed away by the flood and food gardens have been submerged.
Meanwhile, the Wau-Bulolo Highway has been cut off again. On Saturday a section of the road between Zenag and Bulolo collapsed.

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