Floral arrangement a thriving business


FLORAL arrangement and event decorations in Port Moresby is a new business gaining popularity, says Wailly Pomaleu, the owner of Rainbow Flowers.
Rainbow Flowers is a locally-owned company specializing in flower arrangement, table skiting, drapery, wedding decoration and training.
A former teacher at Port Moresby Grammar School in Port Moresby, she started the business five years ago because she saw a  need to cater for so many events in Port Moresby.
“I have been a Seventh-Day Adventist church member for 47 years. I started doing this as a hobby especially for my family and friends,” she said.
She left teaching in 2011.
“While at home, I realised that people do not have time to plan an event and they always want someone to take care of the necessities while they concentrate on other things,” she said.
“With my talent, I help occasionally especially church activities, weddings, fundraising and other events.
“So I decided to turn this into a business and now I am here at the second Digicel PNGWIB for the first time to launch my company and secure contacts and see how far this will go.”
She has three children and is married to Ivan Pomaleu.
The  eldest is 16 and the youngest is five.
“This is my very first time to come out to the public like in the Digicel WIB Expo and to be part of it,” she said.
“I see that there is a market for my business and I’d love to branch out and serve the public.
“I only involve my business with family members and friends and now I am ready to sell my products outside.”

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