Focus on economic empowerment: Kingsley

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THIS national election’s political campaigning should focus on economic empowerment for people, Alois Kingsley, a businessman and former Madang MP says.
He said it has been 41 years after independence and basic government services have reached most places where people are, so the main focus for politicians should be how to give economic power to the people by providing avenues that could put money straight into their pocket.
Kingsley was visiting the Warat and Kaivailo people on the Takia side of Karkar Island, in Madang, on Saturday where he spoke to the crowd at the Sumkar District soccer championship which was sponsored by his firm, Mustard Seed Finance (Cash Advance) company.
He said he was the first MP to set up a K4 million credit scheme for Madang district through the National Agriculture Bank, now National Development Bank, when he was elected as MP in 2002.
Kingsley said empowering people economically should be the government’s top priority because all other services would automatically fall into place.
“God gave you the power to choose your leaders, in this election you will use that power to vote and you have three choices for your candidates,” Kingsley said, officially announcing that he would contest the Madang regional seat currently held by governor Jim Kas. Kingsley said he would return to the island to campaign, including the other four districts in the province, except Madang.

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