Focus on food security


THE Department of Agriculture and Livestock has revealed that national food security tips were missed out in the Sustainable Development Goals and Vision 2050.
The Department of Agriculture and Livestock’s policy management official Brown Konabe said this during
the two-day mobile vulnerability analysis and mapping food security assessment consultation workshop conducted
by the World Food Programme.
He said it was not only for food security but also droughts and floods.
The department was looking at ways to make this part of the two pillars so that food security could become one of the priority areas for the government, he said.
“Food security is very important and that to actively implement other policies, it is more than a proper thing to eat well and be happy and healthy at all times.”
He said it was not the quantity that counts but the quality of food.
He said women in rural areas played a key part in agriculture “and through them we can achieve best results by making proper arrangements and teach them how to plant” quality food.
He said there was no funding available and everything was awaiting the formation of a new government.

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