Follow road safety rules, says officer


PEOPLE who use public roads must follow safety rules to avoid accidents, says acting Chief Superintendent Joseph Joe.
Joe, the director of traffic operations, said this included passengers on vehicles, pedestrians, drivers and motorcyclists.
“All must follow road safety rules,” he said.
“Common sense is a very big thing here, because if people can use it to follow safety rules, many accidents can be avoided.”
He said as drivers, they must ensure the road worthiness of their vehicles.
“The driver must ensure that he is physically and mentally fit before putting himself on the road,” he said.
Joe said passengers should sit properly inside a moving vehicle.
“Pedestrians must always walk on footpaths if provided,” he said.
If there are no footpaths, all pedestrians should walk on the right side facing on-coming vehicles.
Joe urged pedestrians to use marked crossings when trying to get to the other side.
“When you approach a crossing, stop and look left and right, wait for any on-coming vehicle to stop before you can walk to the other side of the road,” he said.
“If we all use our common sense and understand the dangers of not following the correct road safety rules, we can avoid accidents.”

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