Follow trade principles, says Maru


NATIONAL Planning and Monitoring Minister Richard Maru says the main principle in the country’s first trade policy is that international trade should not be done at the expense of national interest.
Maru, the former trade, commerce and industry minister, said the policy was aimed at fostering national interest.
“I’m honoured to spend my last day in the office to be part of this historic launch to make history tonight,” he said.
“I would like to thank all my colleagues and the prime minister for all the support in cabinet.
“I thank our wonderful friends from European Union (EU) for their support. And it is my hope that EU will continue to partner our government so we continue to support trade and industry.
“It is an exciting time to be launching a trade policy while the world is moving towards free trade in an aggressive way.
“We are in an interesting journey across the globe.”
He said the trade policy had good guiding principles.
“Our government has taken time to ensure the way we do business in international trade or domestic trade is guided by key principles,” Maru said.
“Our number one principle is that developing international trade must not be at the expense of national interest.
“Papua New Guinea’s interest is always number one.
“I would like to assure the secretary and staff of Commerce and Industry that while at National Planning, I will continue to supports the efforts of the department, ministry and trade.”

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