Following guidelines vital for service delivery, says official


STRICT adherence to administrative guidelines and financial instructions by government officials would ensure effective service delivery, a senior government official says.
This also include the appointment of chief executives and district finance managers, Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) first assistant secretary for New Guinea Island and Mamose region, Langin Andale told members of parliament.
Andale said this in light of confusion in the appointment and composition of district development authority boards and their chairpersons who are in the frontline implementing provincial and district service improvement programmes (SIP) in the country.
Andale said when new MPs were elected, they replaced the old administration with new CEOs and district finance managers (DFM) which had resulted in poor service delivery and failure to submit acquittal reports to the relevant government agency for compliance.
“Over the previous years, we detected that because of the alteration of CEOs and DFMs, no acquittal reports were submitted and there was even mismanagement of public funds destined for development purposes.
“We are continuously providing technical advice and dialogue with our leaders so they must be aware of set guidelines and financial instructions where there won’t be legal implications and districts or provinces must be consistent in providing services effectively,” he said.
DIRD acting secretary Aihi Vaki further stressed that when appointing new CEOs and DFMs, elected leaders should consult with the provincial and district administrations, Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs, Department of Personnel Management and Department of Finance so appointments were done through the normal public service processes.
Under the DDA Act and administrative guideline, the elected leaders are the chairpersons. Only when chairpersons have other duties then the CEOs or other nominated delegates take charge to chair the DDA and chair meetings.

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