Food security must be country’s priority: Tomscoll


FOOD security must be paramount in the country’s priorities, says Agriculture and Livestock Minister Tommy Tomscoll.
He said this last Friday during the opening of the Yapai potato project at Laiagam in Enga.
“Today in the world, many governments are worried that their population is growing and food (supply) is short,” he said.
Tomscoll said Nauru, once one of the richest countries in the Pacific, was now asking for food aid for its people.
“We in Papua New Guinea are still lucky,” he said.
“We are asking overseas countries for aid in terms of money to build roads, classrooms and many other things.
“But one Pacific country is asking for aid not in money, but food to eat. It shows that one day, if we do not properly plan our development, we will ask foreign countries to feed us.”
Tomscoll said the Government received a lot of criticisms recently over the decision to ban imports of certain food items including onions.
“Everyone said we can’t grow it (onions). We can grow our own onions. We put a ban (on imports) of potatoes and that stays till today.
“Rural development is what we are seeing today – a seed garden is there which we will develop into a commercial farm. That is rural development.”

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