Food security in nation needs to be monitored: O’Neill


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says food security in PNG needs to be closely monitored because of the growing population.
“There is growing concern that as the populations (of APEC) continue to grow, Papua New Guinea is at a very high risk on food security,” O’Neill said.
“Our population is one of the fastest growing. It is important that we take note of this concern (and) ensure we provide food security so that we can feed our own people – that we are not import dependent.”
He said the Government recently discussed the rice policy as rice had become the staple diet in PNG.
“We must produce rice on our own so that we are able to feed our own people,” O’Neill said. “It is not only rice but all the other items as well that Papua New Guineans must continue work the land.”
“We must work it (land) so that we can have food security in times of drought, in times of disaster when we are not able to feed ourselves.”
He said the Asia-Pacific nations , particularly Apec members, believed that infrastructure such as telecommunications must enable connectivity so that more people could use instruments like the internet to build capacity.

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