Football has the ability to inspire, Scott says


FORMER England international and three-time Fifa Women’s World Cup participant Alex Scott spent the past few days in Papua New Guinea in an ambassadorial role.
Her primary task was the promotion of ENDViolence — an awareness campaign aimed at ending violence towards women and children in the Oceania region.
Scott, pictured, participated in the Universal Children’s Day ‘Walk for Life’ event and several other grassroots activities.
She also found time to take part in four matches in a packed schedule.
Asked about her experiences in PNG and her thoughts on the U20 Women’s World Cup, Scott said it had been an exciting and fulfilling week in the PNG capital and she was positive about the effect football would have on the people, especially on young women. “I have had an amazing four days,” Scott said.
“It is a passion of mine to do things like this and be able to go into schools and talk and inspire.
“But it is not just about me,”
“Yes, I’m a Fifa ambassador and it is great to be here, but it is also about the PNG girls.
“When the tournament is finished and we all go home, these girls need to step up and be the role-models and continue the fight against violence in this country.”
Scott was glad she had got the opportunity to visit the Oceania region and seen how the World Cup had inspired youth here.
“Going to the schools proved that football can do on so many levels,” she said.
“We went into one school and the school went mad for the girls (PNG team).
“Everyone wanted to hear from the goalkeeper (Faith Kasiray), who had such an amazing game, and they were clapping and cheering her.
The 32-year-old former England player said the World Cup had produced so many good memories on and off the pitch.
“We all know it has been a challenge to host a World Cup here but there have been so many positive stories to come out of this,” Scott said. “Seeing PNG score their first-ever goal gave us all goose bumps.
“Things like that remind you how beautiful football is and how you can use it in so many ways to inspire.” –

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