Football association must act now


WHILE the Mini Pacific Games may not be of “value” to the PNG Football Association management, they should see it as a way of developing young footballers and fostering relationships among the football family in the Pacific.
Why don’t we start putting a development plan and send development team to such games?
The result of the recent U17 PNG team shows some improvement.
Can we use such sporting events to prepare our team for the U20 qualifier?
Or even our U20 Women’s team so that we can prepare them for the OFC Nations Cup next year?
It seems that the people managing PNGFA are not capable of managing and they have been hiding behind a lot of lies.  Telling the real story has never been part of them.
Instead of growing the code, we are suppressing it by making decisions based on the interests of a few “dead brains.”
I call on the PNG sports authorities to intervene, find out the reason for non-participation of soccer, and reveal the real reason for this being so.
There are a few soccer people who are doing their best to develop the code and bring it to some respectable levels.
These are the people who deserve some real answers.
We are tired of being lied to every time.
Soccer is a global sport and we need to think global.
PNGFA must act now.

Madang Soka Fan

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