Football craze hits Jiwaka community


THE interest in women’s soccer ignited by the three-week women’s tournament underway in Port Moresby has spread far and wide in the country.
In Jiwaka, at the Kindeng Block, community leaders have organised a women’s football competition to engage the youth during the festive season.
The leaders managed to secure K8000 to stage the competition which runs to the end of December.
The two-month competition was officially launched last Sunday at the Kindeng Primary School Oval, in the Anglimp-South Waghi electorate.
Fourteen women’s soccer teams have registered to take part: Barramundi, Young Roosters, Gerua, Medics, Chalk Dust, BOC Dragons, Back Page, RNG Girls, Kora Knight, Back Street, Tea Dust, Waghi Wangau, Smell Wara and OBT 1.
Competition president Betty Judah said that this was the first such competition in the community.
She said that during the festive season, many celebrations ended up in trouble which disturbed the peace in the community and most of this was caused by young people.
They are hoping that the football competition would give the young people something to look forward to which would bring them together to enjoy the festivities.
“This is to help them stay away from trouble and compete in the sport so that they will enjoy a better festive season,” Judah said.
Competition patron and ward councillor John Anis Bagarap said that the women taking part in the competition were blockholders at Kindeng. “The competition will be completed at the end of next month and we are pleased with the sponsors support,” Bagarap said.

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