Forest encroaches on Waghi Mek


IT is sad to see the once prestigious Waghi Mek plantation falling into ruin and disrepair.
Indeed the plight of the Waghi Mek coffee plantation is so great that in some places you will not be able to tell the difference between the rainforest that surrounds it and the plantation itself.
At the height of its time, the plantation was providing employment for hundreds of skilled and unskilled workers and adding an enormous bonus to our country’s GDP.
You could feel the foreign money circulating in the townships of Kudjip, Minj and Banz.
Now that the Waghi Mek is rundown Jiwakans must ask themselves, what was Du Maine and his group (i.e. The Maldam Association) trying to achieve when they ousted Dick Hagon?
Have they achieved their socio-economic goal yet?
If they are reading this, I would like to appeal to the Governor of Western Highlands and the MPs of North and South Waghi to work together to revive this vast sustainable resource and keep it going.
The Waghi Mek Plantation has been idle far too long.

Monica Pusal

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