Forgery, uttering in family business prevalent


FORGERY and uttering in family businesses are becoming prevalent these days, a magistrate says.
“Family members tend to change directors in a family business without letting others know,” Waigani Committal Court Magistrate Cosmas Bidar told the court last Tuesday.
He made the comments after the court found sufficient evidence against a woman charged with forgery of business papers to change directors of her family’s business without their knowledge. Melissa Panglipari, from Rigo in Central, was alleged to have gone to the IPA office in Konedobu in the National Capital District on January 30, and filed a notice to change directors in a business owned by her late husband.
The court heard that the business was started by Panglipari’s late husband and that he had other wives and children prior to marrying Panglipari. The court also heard that according to police, Panglipari was married to a Filipino and lived in the Philippines before marrying her late husband.
“In such cases, documentary evidence is important,” Bidar said.
He told the court that Panglipari came into the life of her husband quite late and that the police have provided sufficient evidence in the matter before the court.
Bidar ordered the matter to return to court on Nov 30, for Panglipari to give instructions to her lawyer regarding her statement before committal. Her bail was extended.

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