Former councillor killed in attack


Reports by PETER WARI
A FORMER councillor was shot dead after being dragged out of a vehicle while two police officers were injured when a convoy of vehicles carrying two MPs was attacked in Komo, Hela.
Hela police commander Superintendent Michael Welly told The National that the group of men were armed with guns and were not afraid of police.
“Policemen in the escort were outgunned and outnumbered and could not do anything. They watched helplessly as the former councilor was dragged out of the deputy governor’s vehicle and shot,” he said.
The attack happened at Liagame village near Komo station in the Komo-Margarima electorate.
Police and others were travelling in a convoy of vehicles escorting Komo-Margarima MP Francis Potape and Minister for Higher Education, Research Science and Technology Francis Marus to inspect higher education institutions in the province.
Welly said the vehicles carrying Potape and Marus managed to turn around and head back to safety
“Policemen exchanged shots as they retreated. However, one policeman was injured in the process,” he said.
He said the situation in the area was still tense and police could not go there because of the armed criminals.

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