Former MP has a proven track record


I write in respect to a letter by “Sideline Analyst” and also for the people of Kabwum, the people of Morobe, the Momase and the nation.
Bob Dadae is a highly-educated elite from the Mamose region, Kabwum, and has contributed much on the national scene as deputy speaker, deputy chairman of the public accounts committee and defence minister.
As defence minister, he accomplished the following in the last four years:

  • Improvement of working conditions for defence personnel;
  • enlistment for females into the Defence Force;
  • made provisions for our officers to serve on United Nations mission overseas engagement/peace keeping duties;
  • increased the budget allocation of the Defence Force to carry out civil duties of nation building; and,
  • Signed off on the final contract with the Chinese government for the refurbishment of the Taurama Military Hospital

Some of the above are required legislative amendments which he successfully passed to make them a reality, which you can see today.
The member does not “beat his chest” to the world for all these, nevertheless, these are his accomplishments at national level.
I believe he is a proud man to have females to enlist in the PNGDF and that some of our PNGDF officers are serving in UN missions overseas.
All regions in the country have had a chance to serve as governor general and the Mamose region has not had one to represent as governor general since the inception of the GG’s Office at independence.
It is only fair that a man from the region with credibility is in the office.
Dadae has indicated his interest. Members of parliament will decide in February if he is that person to occupy this GG’s seat.
As for the electorate, those who are interested can check the Kabwum district books to ascertain all projects that he has undertaken to date, there is nothing to hide.
The reports are also with the Department of Rural Development and Implementations for those who are interested.

Bill Toraso,
former first secretary

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