Forming of more political parties a concern


A TOTAL of 34 political parties have registered to contest next year’s general election, according to the Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu.
And he is concerned about political parties continuing to come in for registration – just five months away from the general election.
He said although the registry had no intention of stopping citizens from forming political parties, the concern is that time is fast running out.
“Our constitution does allow our citizens to form political organisations such as political parties,” Gelu said.
“The registry has no intention to stop citizens from forming political parties. However, the registry is quite concerned about the timing by individuals intending to register their parties to contest next year’s national election. “Running a political party and trying to get support from the people is not an easy task.
“Registering a political party five to six months before the issue of writs does not give that party much time to make the people of this country know about them and their policies.”
Gelu said he had been calling on registered parties to “reach out to the people and tell the people about themselves” first. “The majority of our people don’t know about political parties,” he said.
“This has been confirmed in a survey the registry conducted early this year.
“Many existing political parties are finding it tough to reach out to the people.
How would these new parties expect the people to know about them?”

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