Four million voters expected


THE Electoral Commission is projecting 5.5 million people to enrol in the electoral roll and 4.1 million to vote in this year’s general election.
Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said: “Our crude projection now is that about 5.5 million people will be enrolled in the 2017 electoral roll.
“We also project that about 4.1 million voters will vote in the 2017 national election.” He said any extra ballot papers “will be cancelled before they are dispatched to provinces”.
“We also have generic ballot papers available for special cases,” Gamato said.
“But these generic ballot papers be issued only under the authority of the electoral commissioner.”
He said ballot papers would be issued according to the number of voters in each electorate.
The total number of ballot papers for use in the general election is 10 million – five million for the Provincial seats and five for the Open seats.
“We will issue ballot papers according to the number of eligible voters on the enrolment figure,” Gamato said.
He said all provinces had completed the updating of the electoral roll.
“Preliminary rolls across the country are now being objected to and verified. After that, names will be finalised and certified for use in the 2017 national election.”

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