Frabelle expects big losses from workers’ strike


Lae’s Frabelle PNG Ltd stands to suffer big losses from the current workers’ strike that entered its fourth day yesterday, says a spokesman.
Though a spokesman was not in a position to provide any figures, he said the current economic climate and foreign exchange problem combined with overhead costs would impact the fish-processing company in a major way.
“The impact of this is very big considering the foreign exchange and economy downturn, many of our buyers’ demands will not be met and that again puts us in a critical situation in terms of business,” human resource manager Andres  Mariano said.
Lae Chamber of Commerce Inc president Allan McLay said he could not comment because he had not been briefed.
Employees went on strike on Monday, demanding a bigger pay rise instead of the 1t and 2t increases and double-time for Sunday work besides other benefits.
They went on strike for a day and then decided to extend it for the rest of this week.
The employees hope the move will draw a favourable response from the company’s headquarters in the Philippines.

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