Fraud, complaints unit revived


THE Lands and Physical Planning Department is reactivating its fraud and complaints unit on Monday.
Lands and Physical Planning Minister Justin Tkatchenko said the unit existed four years ago but was no longer functional.
“The initiative was there, the idea was there to have the complaint unit but it never really eventuated,” he said.
“All the complaints that our people had fell on deaf ears.”
“I want to change the perception of the Lands Department.
“This is not a witch hunt, this is to rectify and change the perception of this department.”
Tkatchenko said the unit would be operational from Monday.
The unit will be manned by independent staff members away from the department.
A member from the Public Services Commission will be engaged to monitor all complaints about any staff member in the department.
Tkatchenko said a letter was sent to the public service minister and Personnel Management Secretary John Kali, and there would be appointment of an officer from there to the unit.
He said there would be an independent lawyer who would assess and put all the documentations together.
“A system has already been set up in the department which will work with and follow through their audit section to ensure that all processes are followed,” Tkatchenko said.
“After a brief meeting with the staff in these particular areas and going down myself to have a look at this situation, everybody is happy that this is moving forward now.
“This is where we can stop this recycling of staff within the department and put in educated, professional Papua New Guineans to run the department properly for the benefit of protecting our land for the good of our people.”

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