Freight cost too high for rubber farmers, says board


THE PNG Rubber Board has raised concerns about the high cost of freights for local farmers in the country.
In its report to the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council, the board called on the Government to introduce freight subsidy schemes.
A presentation by chairman Warren Dutton revealed that when the prices were low, freight subsidy schemes would assist the farmers.
The report said if the Government supports the industry, farmers would be supported through subsidy schemes.
Due to lack of funding, there is lack of activities and even the rubber board is unable to provide basic statistics for rubber production.
The board is supportive of getting all productions completed in all rubber provinces that would show exact production statistics so that plans can be done properly.
It is understood that the provincial services improvement programme funding and district funding could also be targeted to leverage specific economic development projects that worked based on structure and module.
The board also discouraged operations and productions of cup lumps, which was one of the contributing factors to the low prices and poor quality of rubber.
The board decided to put a ban to all the cup lumps exports.

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