From wonderland to hell


In Huli terminology, “hela” literally means to instruct someone not to interfere or disturb people who are positively and meaningfully progressing well, far better than other person or other group of people.
Hela was once named as “Papuan Wonderland” by Jack Hides in 1935 when he first led the Papuan expedition team and traversed through Hela Huli Valleys.
He saw that the Hela hulis were more organised, highly-skilful and creative as evident in their gardens, fences, hamlets, drains and on their dressings.
Hela hulis were seen deeply rooted with moral values, traditionally and cultural values.
There were living in peace, harmony and they were more cheerful and helpful.
However, it is totally a different story now. Politically, Hela is divided, fragmented and torn apart.
There is no unity in Hela political system and its leadership.
Hela’s educated elites are divided, public servants are divided and even the Hela society as whole is divided.
Once known as united society, now it is divided and people’s mindsets have changed completely. It is no longer Hela, but Hell in Hela.
So-called big shots, leaders and politicians in Hela are now spending huge amounts of money and purchasing sophisticated weapons as if there is going to be a third world war.
Gun shots can be heard everywhere, every day, every night and there is no peace there.
Lives of every individual person in Hela are at risk as they can be attacked at any time.
Hela, the  peaceful and organised society and  all its wonderful stories are now history.
Tribal warfare has affected many lives and properties.
Family members are scattered, separated and innocent lives are lost in the name of tribal warfare.
Law-enforcing agents like the police are often out-numbered.
It is becoming very scary, frightening.
Tari town often becomes a battle field and a hunting ground for the tribal warlords.
Education standard in Hela has dropped drastically.
Our innocent children’s education is continuously deprived and affected. Do we care for our human resources?
Paper landowners who reside in Port Moresby call it their home. They always put up unnecessary claims to the government. Secretly some self-minded and greedy educated elites and leaders in Hela always hide behind the curtain and manipulate the poor people in the villages to get what they want through false claims.
Compensation culture is eating away Hela’s future development.
Hela’s future looks gloomy as people continue to pursue their vested interest and putting up unnecessary and bogus claims.
Illicit activities like drugs addiction, homebrew, domestic violence and child abuse are so high in Hela.
Many young people are now aimlessly roaming around on the street of Tari with no hope and future.

Daniel Pokoraija Tumbiari,

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