Funding a hindrance to court circuits: Eliakim


CHIEF Magistrate Nerrien Eliakim says the magisterial service has been faced with funding problems which affects daily operations.
“Particularly the court circuits that magistrates go out to districts to hear cases,” Eliakim said.
“This also affected the issuance of the monthly warrants that is supposed to be given to all the government institutions.”
She said to do court circuits, magistrates had to travel out to districts for up to three weeks to hear cases which needed funding.
Eliakim said district court circuit had been drastically reduced in the past couple of months because of the slowness in the arrival of warrants which was supposed to be done on a monthly basis.
Meanwhile, she said Lae was one of the oldest, biggest and busiest district courts in terms of the number of cases registered.
Eliakim said over the years there had been an increase in need to improve and expand service delivery and capacity in the province. She welcomed the renovation to the district court building opened by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia last Friday and thanked the high court and the magisterial service for the support.
Eliakim said similar developments were also taking place in other centres.

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