Funds could have been used for ops


Wasn’t it ironic that the day Lae Metro Supt Anthony Wagambie was crying out for resources to help  police deal with a high crime rate and increasing armed hold-ups in Lae, Police Commissioner Gari Gaki was receiving a fat cheque from Kumul Consolidated Holdings for a police team to participate in sports in Queensland?
What was even more ironic was that the report of Wagambie’s call and Baki’s smiling face  and that of Public Enterprises and State Investment Minister William Duma receiving K500,000 for police sports appeared side by side in The National (Sept 29).
Even Duma said police badly needed support to carry out their jobs.
But the cheque he was holding was going towards a police sports trip.
Didn’t the government decide to clamp down on overseas travel and unnecessary spending?
The K500,000 could well have been used by police to fight crime in this country.
You just have to read the two dailies to see the high rate of serious crimes in this “Christian” country happening almost every day.
Similarly, Sir Puka Temu and Prime Minster Peter O’Neill pledged or gave K100,000 each of taxpayers’ money for a canoe race in Sir Puka’s Abau electorate in Central.
Yet Abau has nothing to show for the millions the national government had granted to it over the last five years.
In fact, the millions from the government has not made any difference to Abau for the last 15 years.

D S Gambi,

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