A funny kind of murder story


THE Moresby Arts Theatre will stage its latest production called Murder at Moresby Manor for two weeks starting tomorrow.
It is a highly physical comedy packed with farce and slapstick, delivered with split-second timing and features a set that holds many secrets for the audience to discover.
It is directed by Natalie Pidik and produced by Kevin deBruyn. The production manager is Tidman Ikosi.
The creative team was part of the presentation of 2012’s Rock of Ages, We Will Rock You in 2011, and Wicked in 2010.
After a few years’ hiatus, Pidik, deBruyn and Ikosi are excited to bring this comedy to the Papua New Guinea audience.
Pidik said: “The past number of shows we have been a part of producing have been musicals. So bringing a comedy to life has been a very difficult and different task.
“There are no notes to sing or dance moves to learn. But that does not mean that there is no choreography to learn.”
Pidik said the Murder at Moresby Manor had been the most
challenging show they had worked on.
“But with all that effort comes a show we are proud to present. And we are confident that this show will leave the audience entertained.”

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