Fuzzy Wuzzy 9s ends


THE Fuzzy Wuzzy Nines finals take place today at the National Football Stadium.
Eight teams — Siporo Magpies, FH Laumas (2), Paga Panthers, Dobo Warriors, Rovanama, Oro Settlers, Vewala Pelegai — advance to the Cup playoffs.
The eighth spot will be either North Dingos or SSG Roosters (1). Results: Thurs, Sept 14 – Magpies 16 SSG Roosters (2) 4, FH Laumas (2) 16 RIL Roadsiders 4, Paga Panthers 6 Gulf Isapea 0, Dobo Warriors 10 Black Eagles 6, Rovanama 16 Royals 8, Oro Settlers 16 Magani 14, Vewala 12 Waidex 6, SSG Roosters 16 North Dingos 12 (pending appeal). Fixtures: Fri, Sept 15 – Cup quarterfinals – Siporo Magpies v Vewala Pelegai, FH Laumas (2) v North Dingos/SSG Roosters (1), Paga Panthers v Oro Settlers, Dobo Warriors v Rovanama; Plate semifinals – SSG Roosters (2) v Waidex Chiefs, RIL Roadsiders v North Dingos/SSG Roosters, Gulf Isapea (1) v Magani, Black Eagles v Royals; Bowl semifinal – Miro Iahe v Sailors, West v Gabagaba.

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