G-G encourages students to always seek God, His Word


GOVERNOR-General Bob Dadae has encouraged students to always seek God and his Word so they can succeed in life.
Speaking to Lutheran students attending an Easter camp at Gabmazung Lutheran Primary School in Lae, Morobe, Dadae told them to balance themselves.
“Allow time to read the Word of God, your academic studies and leisure time and in all things, balance yourself and seek God’s guidance,” Dadae said.
He also cautioned them against being overzealous and expecting to succeed academically when they do not spend time on studies.
Dadae related his experience growing up as a student in a family of missionary parents who were not well off materially and by the time Dadae had reached high school, he collected empty bottles to sustain himself.
He said, despite that, he maintained his faith and looked to God for guidance.

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