G-G supports department’s move for St John


GOVERNOR-General Bob Dadae has welcomed the announcement by the Department of Health to recognise St John Ambulance as an emergency health care provider.
Dadae said the work of the St John Ambulance has been supported by kind donations and contributions from individuals and business establishments.
He added that the service provided by St John Ambulance was vital to the overall health care service in the country.
“The emergency service provided by the St John Ambulance saves lives. Unfortunately since its establishment 60 years ago, the organisation has not been able to expand to other provinces due to lack of funding.
“For instance, Lae, the second largest city does not have a St John Ambulance branch there. The absence of emergency services such as St John Ambulance has resulted in many unnecessary deaths,” Dadae said.
He said as president of the national St John Council of Papua New Guinea, he welcomed the news to have the St John Ambulance fully recognised by the Department of Health.
“Such recognition will enable the St John Ambulance to fully implement its emergency services and expand nationwide.”

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