Gamato criticised over handling of committee


Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato is not focused on the important aspects of the elections and has reacted in an arrogant manner to the resignation of the Electoral Advisory Committee (EAC) and the first declaration, Arthur Somare claims.
“Gamato has little regard for the rule of law, fair play and accountability,” said Somare, the election campaign director of the National Alliance Party.
“The electoral commissioner should at least have been apologetic for overlooking the EAC role.
“Instead, he is covering up his failure to provide baseline data and to work with the EAC.
“Other problems the EAC highlighted included electoral roll discrepancies.”
Somare claimed  Gamato had shown little respect for the upholding law and order.
“Once the Common Roll issues became clear, he failed to follow through with his decision to allow PNG citizens to vote if they were registered for previous elections,” Somare said.
“He took no measure to help his returning officers to carry out this task so this was allowed in a few locations.”

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