Gamato told of Jiwaka protest


MICHAEL Wandil said the Jiwaka election steering committee has taken issues raised by candidates regarding the election up to the electoral commission.
As chairman, Wandil clarified that protests against the appointments of the returning officers and counting officials for the three electorates and provincial seats were taken up, but the Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato maintained his decision.
“We told the commissioner about the DDA (district development authority) appointments of some of these officials but Gamato maintained his stance,” he said.
“We were told to move with the election process and whatever issues that rose can be dealt with by the rules and processes in place after the election.
“Those who wished to dispute a ballot box or have seen any irregularities during polling and counting, can take up the matter with evidence after the election process is complete,” Wandil explained.
In his response to the concerns of candidates and supporters, Wandil said the commission’s directives were for them to follow due processes, like seeking legal interpretations in the Court of
Disputed Returns if they were unsatisfied with the outcome of the election.

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