Gauge public’s view not MPs


THE Post-Courier newspaper is creating an avenue for early campaign though its newly established column, Scan Your MP.
In my view Scan Your MP is indirectly in breach of the Organic Law on National & Local Level Government Elections.
This organic law prohibits candidates and their agents, including the mainstream media, from taking part in early campaign until the Governor-General officially issues the writs.
Then the campaign period starts thereafter. However, Post-Courier is creating a forum for sitting MPs, most of whom have money, to coerce the mindsets of the voters and impose undue influence on them as early as possible.
What if an MP featured on this column has not delivered in practical terms some of those so-called services he professes on the media to have delivered using the DSIP funds?
I am raising this warning as my MP who was featured recently in this column misled us by including some of the projects which he did not delivered.
It is common knowledge that the power of media cannot be underestimated.
As such, Post-Courier has already infused some degree of undue influence over the mindsets of the eligible voters and common people.
The principle question the paper is asking to scan the MPs is this: Why should you be voted in again in 2017 National elections?
This fundamental question should not be asked by Post-Courier with a profit motive.
The newspaper should instead have asked the people this question: What has this particular MP done for you?
The Post-Courier should have conducted a vox pop asking a cross section of people from across every electorate and province to scan
their MPs by way of investigative reporting detailing the expenditure of every toea of DSIP and PSIP funds.
So far, the Post-Courier ran several stories for sitting MPs such as Francis Awesa, William Powi, Robert Ganim, Douglas Tomuriesa, Nixon Duban and others.
Can the Electoral Commission and the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties & Candidates shed some light and clarify if the action of Post-Courier is in breach of the relevant laws which prohibit early campaign and undue influence on voters.

Law Abiding Citizen
Morata, NCD

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