Gelu commends political parties

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POLITICAL parties have done very well during the polling and counting period compared to the campaign period, Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu, pictured, says.
He said this yesterday when commenting on the performance of parties during the polling and counting period.
“To tell you the truth, I’m very impressed and very happy with the performance of the political parties,” Gelu told The National.
“I was not impressed with their performance during the campaign.
“Looking at the number of candidates who have been endorsed by political parties and won their sets, this will be the first election where more party-endorsed candidates have won compared to independent candidates.
“This is despite the fact that we have more independent candidates standing compared to party-endorsed candidates.
“Seeing the number of seats the People’s National Congress has won, the Pangu Pati, the comeback kid, has won in this election, is really amazing. Credit should be given to Pangu Pati, especially its leader Sam Basil and the executive for winning all those seats in Morobe and now expanding to Madang, and also Goilala in Central.
“That is a really big plus for Pangu Pati.
“People’s Progress Party, despite losing its parliamentary leader (Ben Micah), has won five seats. Smaller parties like the PNG National Party, PNG Party, not forgetting the National Alliance which is running second, and which has made a big comeback after being decimated in 2012.
“National Alliance is now basically back on track and winning more sets than it won in 2012.
“I’m very impressed with the performance of all the political parties and I give credit to the leaders of those parties.”

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