Gelu irked over party officials working separately


REGISTRAR of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu says it is disappointing to see the top officials of political parties refusing to work together.
Gelu said the general secretaries of the New Generation Party and Pangu Pati were not working with party executives – a month away from the issue of writs.
He said it was sad that they could not communicate with their general secretaries. “The report is not good and I do not want to work with political parties who are doing that,” Gelu said.
He said general secretaries must be focused on running parties.
“That is basically what you wanted in the first place,” Gelu said.
“You must continue to perform as a party executive.”
The registrar encouraged general secretaries of parties, including those with no MPs, not to continue operating as a one-man show.
Meanwhile, he commended parties which had held their conventions before the general election.
He said for example, the People’s Party’s launching of its revised policies and constitution recently showed that it was well organised for the general election.

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