Gelu wants parties to work together


THE Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphones Gelu has told executives of political parties to work with their party leaders to prepare for next year’s national election.
“Everybody needs to start working together – the executive wing and the political wing,” he said.
“And your membership must work together on tasks such as establishing your national, provincial and district branches.
“There is no time to waste in your internal affairs. So please take note of this. The last thing we want to hear is that you have issues with your executives or political wings.
Gelu said he had made arrangements with the National Broadcasting Commission to have Prime Minister Peter O’Neill address the people on his party’s polices. “Next Monday, I will take him there. It is free of charge. This is an arrangement with the National Broadcasting Corporation to allow political leaders announce their party polices free of charge,” he said.

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