Gelu wants support to put more women in parliament


Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu has called for more work to be done to support women’s political participation.
Gelu was in Madang to discuss the absence of women in Parliament.
The meeting brings together government officials, women candidates and concerned citizens, all of whom are committed to working towards ensuring better political representation for women.
“We need to have more women elected for us to proudly say that we have progressed in terms of giving equal opportunity to women in the country,” Gelu said.
“The registry supports the principles of equality and inclusiveness.
“We want that to be entrenched in our country by having more women as members of political parties and political parties to endorse more women in elections and for them to be successful.”
Gelu highlighted a number of important law reforms that need to be progressed, including the proposal raised by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to reserve 22 seats for women in Parliament.
Madang MP Bryan Kramer, in his opening address, gave women participants guidance on how to be an effective campaigner during elections.
He encouraged women to plan ahead for their campaigns and to be ready for the 2018 local level government elections.
“What this country needs is good leaders,” Kramer said.
“The measure of a good leader is not the ability to lead but the humility to serve.
“Getting elected as a clean candidate is hard in Papua New Guinea and even harder for women.
“It takes commitment and sacrifice. You have to work even harder to get ahead but it can be done.”
The meeting has been supported by the United Nations Development Programme and will end today.

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