Gender-based violence rife in PNG: Official


GENDER-based violence is regarded as a humanitarian situation in Australia and Papua New Guinea, an official says.
Australian High Commission counsellor gender and sports Susan Ferguson said the Australian Government saw this type of violence as a humanitarian situation and there were many people in Papua New Guinea who experienced such violence as well.
“Unfortunately in Papua New Guinea, there is not a lot of up-to-date statistics,” she said.
“But what we do know from various surveys over the years is that 55 per cent of women have experienced forced sex in most cases by men known to them.
“According to Unicef, 50 per cent of girls are at risk of becoming involved in sex work or internally trafficked.
“A number of girls are forced into marriage from the age of 12.
“Therefore, sustainable development goals are targeted at reducing violence against women because it is considered not only a threat against humanity but against people.”
Ferguson said in Australia, 93 per cent of offenders of sexual violence were men.
“Therefore, it is regarded as gender-based violence and only about a minority of reported cases has resulted from conviction,” she said.
“And there are a lot of similarities to PNG.”

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