GG praises govt


GOVERNOR-General Sir Michael Ogio has described the Government as “responsible” for being in total control of the economy.
“I have come to see a radical change in the way our resource owners are being recognised and allowed to participate meaningfully in their resource development,” he said.
“I also see provincial governments calling for greater autonomy from the national government. This is an important trend that is in line with the spirit of the Constitution for every Papua New Guinean to be self-reliant and able to determine his or her own destiny.
“Already we are seeing empowerment of the district with the establishment of district development authorities. This is also a radical change to bring the Government closer to the people and ensure greater participation and accountability at the community level.”
Sir Michael said the investment in education, health infrastructure, law and order, and small businesses were brave.
“An increasing number of children are going to school. Health services across the country are improving. Access to services have improved significantly,” he said.
“Law and order is improving but will improve further once police numbers increase and more police officers are sent out to the community.
“Community justice services are also improving with village court system being now fully supported by the Government.”
Sir Michael encouraged every eligible voter to make a meaningful choice during the 2017 national election.
“This will be a big judgment call for every eligible PNG voter that must be taken seriously,” he said.
“I encourage every voter to make a meaningful choice, a choice that will make them happy and proud for the next five years, a choice they will not regret.”

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