God answers prayer in mysterious ways


I AM happy that most of our people have spoken through the ballot papers in this challenging country.
My comments to clarify USB loans, debt issues and public investment to improve the productive capacity of the economy against prophets of doom was well received.
A lot of lies and defamation by evil-minded people in the social media did not hold water simply because evidence was not provided as our judicial system has prosecuted a lot and also tarnished the reputation of others who have been acquitted by witch hunt.
I will not be surprised if the People’s National Congress Party returns most of its members to form the government.
This is because of better delivery policy mechanism that is seen to be at work and is working.
Christians prayed in 2012 and God gave a government and who are we to question God again and again.
God answers prayers in mysterious ways and hears the cries of the faithful and delivers what’s good for them.

Sir Galaxy Spencer
Via email
Boroko NCD

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