God is the solution, always look to Him


WHAT we need to do is totally depend on God for the solution of the problems Papua New Guinea is facing.
People are looking for real transformers in this religious Christian country.
God raises leaders in all spheres of life (political, education, arts, sports, culture, entertainment, economy and churches) to ensure there is peace and progress.
Late Dr Myles Munroe said: “Leadership is truly our past and our destiny and is the only thing that will fulfil our natural passion for greatness.”
In every generation, God’s plan for humanity includes certain people who do the extraordinary.
These people impact history and glorify God by using divine solutions to overcome challenges.
God gives wisdom and understanding to the God fearing leaders to make prudent policies that sustain a nation.
God inspired leaders are as rare as gold, one is enough to change the fortunes of a nation.
PNG is a Christian country; Lets Pray that GOD will give us Decent God Fearing Leaders.

Gazebo Yakz
Sharkz Wane

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