Goilala to supply vegetables


GOILALA MP William Samb is working on an ambitious plan with Fresh Produce Development Agency to turn his district into a major supplier of fresh vegetables to Port Moresby.
He said yesterday that he discussed with the FPDA about Goilala being a supplier of English potatoes and bulb onions for the Port Moresby market.
Samb said he was now concentrating on developing infrastructure such as roads, airstrips and communication which would help in transporting fresh produce from Goilala to Port Moresby.
“While we have the infrastructure development going on, we are also trying to educate our people to do farming,” he said.
“This weekend, we will be going up to Tambul in Western Highlands, to purchase potato seedlings.”
Samb said a local helicopter company was helping the Goilala people by buying their fresh produce for resale in Port Moresby.

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