Good on you Dulcie Somare Brash


I HAIL the brave decision by a woman who has come forward to contest the East Sepik provincial seat in the 2017 general elections.
Dulcie Somare Brash should be commended for putting her hand up in running for the seat that he father, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has retired from.
There are many critics, especially men who are vying for the same seat.
My only disappointment is that Somare Brash is considering running under the Pangu Pati ticket.
Whilst it is her prerogative to affiliate to any political party she wishes, she needs to understand that our people contributed a lot of their time, effort, funds and other resources to Pangu in the hope that they will get improved health and education facilities and economic services.
I am grateful Pangu brought independence and gave me a chance to be educated.
Pangu may be wearing a different political T shirt now but underneath it is still the same.
Just look at the national executives of Pangu fighting with their parliamentary leader.
The country’s oldest political party is in total disarray.
Nonetheless, I wish Dulcie Somare Brash all the best in the elections.

Luimack Johnson
Port Moresby

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