Good leadership comes from God


THE letter “Good leadership, bad leadership” by Rev Joseph Walters (The National, Sept 26) has prompted me to write to explain God’s leadership and dominion.
When God created Adam and Eve, he spoke to himself and created man in his image, both male and female.
A deep careful study of the first chapter of Genesis provides a clear explanation that out of all his creation, God made man in his own image and commanded him to rule over the Earth and all its creation.
By speaking to the first man to rule over Earth, subdue and multiply he has placed his own leadership spirit in us all, male and female alike, hence we all are leaders by right as created by God, regardless of the false ideologies in society today.
And in trying to solve our problems through our own efforts – like in believing that having a good education will give us a bright future and a better pay will meet all our basic needs – we are moving away from our source of life just as an uprooted plant lies helplessly on the Earth’s surface waiting to die after being separated from its source, the soil.
Birds and fish don’t attend flying schools and swimming classes yet God has taken full care of them.
However, we humans, who are the most valuable creation of God, struggle to survive with our false ideologies, traditions and customary beliefs which are not mentioned in the Bible.
If only we can take all our problems to God, who is our source, or seek answers in his manual the Bible everyone will understand their purpose.
That understanding will lead people to find their God-given ability to lead.

Wanbel Niape
Port Moresby

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