Good on you Popuna for tackling corruption in office


It is refreshing to read and hear that the Public Curator Jacob Popuna has and is taking the lead to rid corrupt practices by persons in his office, and I commend him for that.
While he is doing this, there are some issues that I would like to raise that will help his office improve the level of service.
Firstly, and most importantly, he needs to immediately install an air condition at the reception area where the public sits for hours in hot, sweating conditions. If he does not have the money to do this, then get the air condition people to redirect air flow from the existing system to the public waiting area.
Meanwhile, just behind the doors, he and his officers are sitting in luxury air conditioning. This is absolutely ridiculous and lacks basic common sense. To make matters worse, the area where the public waits to sort out estates of their deceased family, is all squashed up in a very small area in sub-standard conditions. There are no chairs but wooden benches that are very shortly going to fall apart. Also there is no proper numbering or a queue system in place to ensure that people are being served in the right order and it is like the blind leading the blind. Is this the new office he was alluding to?. If is then, it we must still be in the dark ages.
To make matters worse, officers go out for lunch and in most instances and never return. So, if a person wants to see them they must go in the morning before 11:30am because the doors shut at that time. Also, the public service “come back next week” answer is deeply entrenched in this organisation.
And another matter. Are they going to get their phones connected again?
The above issues do not require a million kina funding nor does it require a consultant to solve them. All it requires is good plain, old common sense, creative thinking and strong consistent leadership to fix them
I believe Mr Popuna has those qualities so I beg you please Mr Curator, please fix them now.

Port Moresby

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