Goroka comes alive in sea of colours


I AM compelled to write and comment on general attitude of the people of Eastern Highlands Province, especially in Goroka, where a lot happened during the Independence Day anniversary celebrations last weekend.
I witnessed the transformation of peoples’ attitude and what it meant to be a sovereign nation.
For the first time I saw our people celebrate independence in style unlike in the past 40 years.
Thousands of villages join Goroka town residents to celebrate this special day. They wore tshirts, polo shorts, caps, blouses, wigs and even had their faces painted in our national colours.
The streets of Goroka and the showground were an ocean of red, black and yellow.
It was spectacular and the feeling of patriotism and nationalism was evident.
The traditional dancers, including the worldfamous Asaro Mudmen, also lit up the showgrounds for the Goroka Show, which coincided with the independence anniversary celebrations.
I’m glad our citizens have now come to realise the importance of independence and to embrace nationhood.
They stood together to celebrate as one people despite our country’s current financial woes and the recent civil unrest.
Thank you, people of Eastern Highlands for making this a truly special occasion.

Kotiufa Sniper
Goroka, EHP

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