Goroka district still struggling behind


Goroka district needs a productive leadership to bring change and development for the district.
It has been stagnant for the
last five years despite the K10 million allocation from the Government.
All the districts in the country have meaningfully utilised their allocation by building development projects like schools and health centres for their districts and advertising the projects in the daily newspapers.
But Goroka district has not delivered for the people and has nothing to advertise projects in the newspaper like other districts are doing.
The current member must acquit the K10 million allocation.
Please choose a product leader who can deliver social services and built infrastructures to change Goroka district for the better.
Very sad Goroka district should take the lead in providing development services but Goroka district is trailing behind Unggai Bena, Henganofi and Daulo districts.

Rodney, Via email

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