Goroka has lost its true identity


THE heart of Papua New Guinea and the gateway to the Highlands lies Goroka.
Down the generations it has been known as ‘Kol Ples Goroka,’ not only by name but the natural habitat, the peaceful environment, the food variety and the so called caring loving people.
Everything has changed dramatically over the years where Goroka has lost its true identity.
There is mass rural urban drift and population growth in the last ten years.
With limited resources and high demand there is unstable or zero delivery of basic services from the village level to the urban settings.
Is there a problem? Who’s? Who are we to blame?
Defiantly, it simply is a leadership problem.
True Apos, we have to wake up from ignorance and negligence to see prosperity in our district and town, Goroka.
Few days to decide the fate of our destiny, so let’s be more realistic and sensitive.
Let us work together and vote for a simple candidate with hidden potential other than selling our birth right over a plate of soup.
Remember, true colours fade with time.


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