Goroka prayers answered


CONGRATULATIONS Henry Ame for winning the Goroka open seat in this general election.
Being a down-to-earth person, you have been duly mandated by the good, down-to-earth people of Goroka to represent us on the floor of Parliament for the next five years.
Now, a light is shining for us at the end of a very long tunnel and you alone will shorten the length of that tunnel. A lot of good developmental avenues and chances have bypassed us in the past five to 10 years because of political infighting.
Goroka has both an urban and rural population. Now the ballot box has spoken. Loudly. Our roads, bridges, schools, aid-posts and other facilities have been neglected to the point that they have become non-existent. Goroka needed a new person and you are that person.
I am sure God, having heard our inner-most prayers and seen our plight, has enabled you to take on the bold and daring challenge of taking Goroka forward.
The days of huluhulume and zouzoume are over. Let’s be proactive.

Frank Gamezuho

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