Goroka prepares to meet the world


THE Goroka Show has had a great impact on the local economy during the 60 years of its existence, says show chairwoman Keryn Hargreaves.
She said accommodation in Goroka were normally booked out with tourists arriving from as far Europe.
“The show is known worldwide. Everybody knows about the Goroka show,” Hargreaves said.
The world basically meets Papua New Guinea at the Goroka Show, she said.
“Tourists will be starting to come into Goroka as of next week. We are anticipating 700 to over 1000 tourists.
“The show has had a great impact. People are starting to move into Goroka now from the surrounding provinces. One week leading up to the show and a week after the show, people are still hanging around. So they bring with them, obviously, revenue to the business community, the markets, the PMV operators, the guesthouses. The show really gives back to the community 100 per cent – 100 per cent investment back into the community of Eastern Highlands.”
The show is from Sept 15 to 17.
“We’ll have over 150 singsing groups who will be there from as far as Western down to Southern and Western highlands provinces including the coastal areas like Madang.
“We will also have the floriculture and bilum competition.
“We’ve also got the Pikinini Festival on Friday.
“The intention is to educate our younger generation about our culture and that they need to embrace it and understand it and not to be ashamed to be in your traditional bilas.”

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