Goroka reappears on court


GOROKA Netball is back on the national scene after seven years in the doldrums.
The Eastern Highlands capital was represented at the recently concluded senior national championships by their A grade and B grade teams.
Goroka Netball Association vice-president Paula Amos commented on their situation back home: “We satrted our season off well with a small but vocal crowd of ladies.
“Our main aim as executives under president Janet Reuben, is to bring women together, whether young or old, to play netball and keep our young women away from other bad influences like alcohol and gambling,” Amos said
The association is happy to be back and looking forward to next season, where they will be will be engaging schools in Goroka town.
“Having a competition for school girls, who are the future of Netball, will be a major focus for our new executives.
“We would like to prepare a train-on squad for the junior championships in 2017.”
The Goroka team’s trip to Port Moresby to attend the national championships would not have been possible without the grace of the Lord, Amos said. “We give glory and honour to God and thank all those who have supported us.”

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